Dynamics 365 > System Settings > General Tab > configuration mapping with organizationbase table columns

Setting Attribute Type
Allow text wrapping in form fields labels and values IsTextWrapEnabled Bit
Enable auto save on all forms IsAutoSaveEnabled Bit
Enable Skype presence for the system IsPresenceEnabled Bit
Name Format FullNameConventionCode Int
Pricing Decimal Precision PricingDecimalPrecision Int
Share reassigned records with original owner ShareToPreviousOwnerOnAssign Bit
Set blocked file extensions for attachments BlockedAttachments nvarchar
Display currencies by using CurencyDisplayOption Int
Enable Quick Find record limits QuickFindRecordLimitEnabled Bit
Enable full-text search for Quick Find IsFullTextSearchEnabled Bit
Select entities for search NA
Show Bing Maps on forms EnableBingMapIntegration Bit
Bing Maps key BingMapsApiKey nvarchar
Enable country/region code prefixing IsDeafultCountryCodeCheckEnabled Bit
Country/Region Code Prefix DefaultCountryCode Nvarchar
Select provider for Click to call Useskypeprotocol Bit
Users see app download message AllowUsersSeeAppdownloadMessage Bit
Use custom Help for customizable entities GlobalHelpUrlEnabled Bit
Global custom Help URL GlobalHelpUrl Nvarchar
Append parameters to URL GlobalAppendUrlParametersEnabled Bit
Prevent feature from receiving social data in Dynamics 365 DisableSocialCare Bit
Display welcome screen to users when they sign in DisplayNavigationTour Bit
For compatibility, use the legacy form rendering engine. Note that performance may be adversely affected UseLegacyRendering Bit
Show default app on landing page and in app switcher IsEnabledForAllRoles Bit
Default app name DefaultCrmCustomName nvarchar
Display cards in expanded state. Bounddashboarddefaultcardexpanded Bit
Load default static content from Content Delivery Network ServeStaticResourcesFromAzureCDN Bit


Here is the WebApi request that returns a single record with all above attributes.

GET <ServiceRoot>/api/data/v8.2/organizations


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